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Memphis immigration Project exists to engage issues of Immigration from a theological and biblical perspective.

In 2015, Lifeway Research found that only 12% of Evangelical Christians primarily view issues of Immigration from the Bible, first, which means the other 88% view issues of immigration from the media, fear, news, legality and other avenues, first.

As Christians, however, we are called to view cultural issues, including Immigration, from a theological and biblical perspective, first, before anything else. This helps us to not only better respond but to also make a distinction between what lines up with the Bible and what doesn’t when it comes to issues of Immigration.

At Memphis immigration Project, we engage all issues of Immigration from a theological and biblical perspective in order for the Church to be better equipped and challenged to think and act Biblically around this topic.

We hope you will join us along with our nearly 12,000 subscribers/followers on this journey. If you would like to subscribe/follow us, go to the website, scroll all the way down the page and on the right corner click to follow us.


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