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Our Story

In 2013, Rondell Treviño, Founder of The immigration Coalition, reconnected with his now wife, Laura Treviño, while she was in El Salvador after she recently spent a year studying in Downline Ministries in Memphis, Tennessee in 2011-2012. Through social media outlets, Rondell and Laura fell in love with one another, were engaged in December 2014, and then married on February 14, 2015, in El Salvador. After Rondell and Laura married, Rondell went back to the United States to figure out and research what to do in order to get Laura to the United States. During Rondell’s research on Immigration and petitions, God began to reveal the broken Immigration system to Rondell, his own history as a Mexican, and all of the devaluing injustices Immigrants face in and outside of the United States.

Building the Mission

When Rondell and Laura filled out an I-130 Visa with the help of Catholic Charities, they both began to grow a deep passion for Immigration and the value of Immigrants because they began to live an Immigration story themselves as they had to wait almost two and a half years for their I-130 petition to approve, and were separated for the majority of their first two years of marriage. Immigration became personal to them. While all of this was going on, Rondell ended up leaving Fellowship Memphis Church as a Pastoral Resident and began working for the Evangelical Immigration Table and National Immigration Forum for the entire 2016 year where he trained Churches, businesses, and Law Enforcement on Immigration from a Biblical perspective and Immigration throughout the Southeast.

Refreshing the Border

Through God’s preparation and their Immigration journey, Rondell launched The immigration Coalition in February of 2017. With the partnership of Churches, organizations, and people of goodwill around the United States, The immigration Coalition is a non-profit organization providing clean drinking water, food, and essential items to Immigrants, Migrants, and Asylum-Seekers along the U.S.-Mexico Border.