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By Rondell Treviño, Founder/Director, TiP

Jesus, as an infant you fled to Egypt with your mother Mary and Joseph. You were a vulnerable family in a foreign land, looking for shelter and sustenance. Help us to welcome those like you who cross our borders today. Give us hearts of compassion, humane response, and laws that respect the dignity of all immigrants while securing the Border.

Creator God, open our eyes so we can see you in the eyes of our immigrant brothers and sisters, eyes downcast for having lived so long in the shadows, eyes challenging us to join them in the streets or picket lines, eyes lifted looking for the Christ light in us.

Compassionate God, who has come to dwell among us,
open our ears to hear the cries of your children, children being separated from their parents, rounded up in raids, led to detention centers, silently giving up dreams.

God of Justice, who crosses all boundaries, give us the courage to embrace a biblically balanced approach to Immigration that shows compassion to Immigrants while respecting the rule of law. Help us as a country secure our borders to keep out those who are human traffickers and drug traffickers—save their souls, but also allows those migrants who seek asylum, legally, to be treated humanely and accepted into the U.S. if their claim is credible. Give us the strength to be balanced, and not too far left or too far right.

Lord Jesus Christ, you crossed every border between Divinity and humanity to make your home with us. Help us to welcome you in newcomers, immigrants, migrants, and refugees. Blessed are You, God of all nations. You bless our land richly with goods of creation and with people made in your image. Help us to be good stewards and peacemakers, who live as your children. Blessed are You, Holy Spirit. You work in the hearts of all to bring about harmony and goodwill. Strengthen us to welcome those from other lands, cultures, religions, that we may live in human solidarity and in hope.

God of all people, grant us the vision to see your presence in our midst, especially in our immigrant sisters and brothers. Give us the courage to open the door to our neighbors and grace to build a society of justice while respecting the rule of law through securing the Border.


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