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By Rondell Treviño, Founder, The immigration Project

In 2015, Lifeway Research asked Evangelicals to list which factor has most influenced their beliefs about immigration. About one in 10 (12%) chose the Bible. In other words, only 12% of Evangelical Christians primarily choose to view Immigration from the Bible, which means the other 88% primarily choose to view immigration from something else such as the media, fear, news, legality and other avenuesAs Christians, however, I know we are called to view all issues, including Immigration, from a biblical perspective, first, because we know the Bible is our blueprint on how we navigate our lives in relationship to God vertically, and in relationship to others horizontally.

This problem along with my own Immigration journey with my wife, compelled me to start Memphis immigration Project in 2017, which engages issues of Immigration from a biblical perspective in order to help the Church–a people on mission, to be better equipped and challenged to view, think, dialogue, and act biblically about Immigration.

When I started Memphis immigration Project in 2017, my heart was to focus on the Memphis area and that’s it. However, over the past year and half, God has expanded our organization’s reach throughout the State of Tennessee, the Southeast, and around the country through our projects, especially through our articles, of which we have 13,000 plus subscribers. We didn’t expect for this to happen, but God has grown our reach further than just Memphis. This doesn’t mean we will stop focusing on immigration issues in Memphis, just that we will expand our focus throughout the Southeast and the country because we understand that there are thousands maybe even millions of Christians who want to engage issues of immigration from a biblical perspective–and see this as a need.

We believe by changing our name that serves a more national audience, we will be able to help Christians engage issues of Immigration from all around the country, not just Memphis. We are doing this with an act of faith–we don’t know the outcome or what will come of this, but we do know this is something God has placed on our heart.

With that being said, we are changing our name to The immigration Project. We ask that you put us in your prayers as we make this move, and continue to support us.

The immigration Project exists to engage issues of immigration from a Biblical perspective.

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