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DEEELLL.jpg Rondell Treviño, Founder & President, Memphis immigration Project

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) temporary band-aid has allowed 800,000 thousand plus Immigrant Dreamers the opportunity to pursue a college degree, establish a career, make solid contributions to their communities, and help give billions of dollars back to the economy.

However, due to the rescinding of DACA back in September of 2017, these opportunities will no longer be a reality if legislation does not pass soon. In fact, approximately 122 Immigrant Dreamers lose their status every day, which is around 1,000 a week. By March 5, 2018, 22,000 Immigrant Dreamers will no longer have DACA protecting them from deportation.

Many Christians and people of good will have noticed the value Immigrant Dreamers bring and have taken the protection of Immigrant Dreamers to heart by meeting with Congressman and Senators, organizing peaceful protests, preaching about this in their Church, praying, and using Social Media as a platform to unashamedly speak up because for them, at the root of the DACA debate is a moral imperative to protect the more than 800,000 Immigrant Dreamers who came to the U.S. as young babies and children without any choice in the matter.

They believe no one should be blamed for crimes they did not commit. To do so would be a misuse of Biblical justice, which calls us to give people what they are due, either through punishment or protection and care. And since Immigrant Dreamers have come to the U.S. as young babies and children without any choice in the matter then they deserve protection and care, not punishment.

34 house Republicans seem to understand the need to protect Immigrant Dreamers with DACA because today they called on Speaker Paul Ryan to help pass a permanent bipartisan legislation this year to protect Immigrant Dreamers.

The letter can be read here:



Memphis immigration Project exists to inspire everyone, everywhere to love their Immigrant neighbor.

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