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Who provides the food we eat on Thanksgiving Day? For most of us, this question doesn’t come to mind. However, this is an important question to ask and reflect on.

Here’s the answer: primarily Immigrants, documented and undocumented.

75% of farmworkers in the United States are Immigrants, documented or undocumented.

Immigrant farmworkers harvest oranges, strawberries, lettuce, cucumbers, corn, and the list goes on and on. Pretty much every piece of food on your kitchen or dining room table was first harvested by Immigrants.

In all honesty, there’s no thanksgiving without the hard work of Immigrant farmworkers.

This Thanksgiving Day, let’s be thankful for hard working Immigrant farmworkers, documented and undocumented, who harvested the food we plan on eating with our family and friends.

Below you will find key facts regarding Immigrant farmworkers.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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