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When the Coronavirus (COVID-19) started to negatively impact the United States, organizations and companies began to shut down almost overnight. However, in order to keep our food supply to stay available so America won’t go hungry, there have been heroes courageously stepping up: Immigrant farmworkers.

While many Americans work from home and practice social distancing, Immigrant farmworkers have continued to work on the frontlines. Like a hero, such as Batman or Wonderwoman, who see a problem and instead of retreating, engage the problem head-on, the same can be said of nearly 2.4 million Immigrant farmworkers during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Their courageous efforts are allowing those of us in America to still purchase fresh food from the grocery store and have meals at the dining room table. Let’s be thankful for Immigrant farmworkers because they’re heroes.

That being said, here are key facts regarding Immigrant farmworkers we should all know.

*Feel free to download the infographic below*