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Jose.jpg  Guest article by Jose Espinosa, Music/Program Director, Bellevue Bella Vista

My name is Jose Espinosa also known as Yayo. Let me tell you a little about my story. I was born in Mexico and moved to the United States at the very young age of four years old. When my family and I first entered the United States we came to the state of California, where we lived for six years, later on moving to where I call my home, Memphis, TN. It wasn’t until I turned 18 years old that I noticed I was a little different than most of my friends. First, I had no drivers license and for some crazy reason, I couldn’t get help from the government to pay for college. All that being said I figured out why—I was undocumented and that meant I have always been in danger of deportation.

A story like mine is more than likely stories many of you have heard in different situations but they all have the same outcome.

When I was 14 years old as a freshman in high school, I found the solution to my dreams. It started off with a decision and repentance. I decided to believe in Jesus Christ and He has been the reason why I wake up every day and want to keep going in life. For Jesus Christ is also a Dreamer!

Why is Jesus Christ a Dreamer?

He was rejected out of his hometown. He was loved and betrayed. He was chased out and He was killed. Thankfully that’s not the end of that story but before I tell you what happened next let’s touch base with something recent.

As Dreamers, we heard the sad news on September 5, 2017. I know that we all felt our dreams crashing down and leaving us feeling worthless. I will be honest, I was sad at first and even shed a tear, but as I was crying I remembered something: God has always been faithful. He is the God that always took care of me when I was driving with no license; He is the God that provided me with a job so I could pay my college tuition, He is the God that looked over me when immigration was near; He is the God that allowed me to graduate from a university without having a legal status; and He is my God that has allowed me to make my dreams come true.

Dreamers, I encourage you all not to lose hope. The peace we need is in God, for He is the Prince of Peace. To understand this peace you must know that the end was not when he was killed, not even death could come against Him, He rose on the Third day and showed the world who He is. We also will rise and show the world who we are.

I am Jose Espinosa (Yayo)—a Dreamer, and all I want is for God’s dreams to come true in me. No president, congress, politician, law, and country will stop me from dreaming. God will provide for all of us. I know He will. We need to come together, pray and let God fill our emptiness with His love.

Dreamers we are the future of this country. We need to start on the right path and that is with God. Romans 12:12 “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.”

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