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DEEELLL.jpg Rondell Treviño, Founder & President, Memphis immigration Project

More than 8,500 Immigrant Dreamers with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) has lost their protection from deportation, and another 122 Immigrants lose protection and work authorization each day–placing 22,000 Immigrants at risk between now and March 2018 when the DACA program officially rescinds.

Starting March 5, 2018, an estimated 1,000 Immigrants with DACA will lose protection every day totaling 210,000 Immigrants who would lose protection over the 7 months it would take to implement new legislation.

The moral of the story is we NEED legislation to be passed that protects Immigrants with DACA NOW

At Memphis immigration Project one word is driving us right now: Urgency. The more Congress waits to pass legislation, the more Immigrants lose their protective status and work authorization, daily. Therefore, urgency is key.

We put together a letter urging Congress to please protect Immigrant Dreamers by passing legislation like the Dream Act and we plan on handing a copy of the letter to Congressman in Washington, DC Thursday, November 30th. The letter has been signed by some of the top faith, business, and organization leaders in Memphis.

The letter can be read below.


Please Help Protect Immigrant Dreamers

Dear Congressman,

There are currently around 800,000 plus Dreamers with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) in the U.S., of which nearly 8,000 have benefited around the state of Tennessee, and 2,000 plus in the city of Memphis.

The DACA program has given Immigrant Dreamers in the state of Tennessee and Memphis the ability to acquire a job with benefits, obtain a Social Security number, gain better access to higher education and more fully participate in their communities.

However, since the DACA program is set to officially rescind in March 2018, these 800,000 plus Immigrant Dreamers will begin to lose all of the privileges and opportunities DACA has provided.

As followers of Jesus Christ and people of good will, we understand Immigrant Dreamers came to the U.S. as babies and children without any choice in the matter, and firmly believe they should not be blamed for crimes they did not commit. We believe Immigrant Dreamers are created in the Image of God (Genesis 1:26-28) and have tremendous potential to do amazing things. We believe Immigrant Dreamers are people to love, not problems to solve.

Therefore, we ask that you love Immigrant Dreamers as your neighbor (Luke 10:25-37) and protect them by helping pass legislation like the Dream Act of 2017. We know making legislative decisions for your constituents is complex and difficult at times, so please know we appreciate you as a Congressman for taking the time to read this letter, and considering how you can help protect Immigrant Dreamers.


Rondell Treviño, Founder & President, Memphis immigration Project

Tim Jewett, Director of Immigration Strategies, Memphis immigration Project

Larry Lloyd, Founder & President, Memphis Leadership Foundation

Lee Chase VI, Special Projects Coordinator, Literacy Mid-South

Michael Rhodes, Director of Community Development, Memphis Center for Urban Theological Studies

Bob Whitsitt, Executive Director Outreach & Advocacy, Christ Church Memphis

Damon Conley, Care & Teams Pastor, Harvest Church

Scott Morris, Chief Executive Officer, Church Health

Ben Cornelius, Registered Nurse, Church Health

Sharon Thorpe, FNP, Church Health

Kevin Gibson, Physical Rehabilitation Manager, Church Health

Lizy Heard, Creative Coordinator, Church Health

Katie Clark, Special Events, Church Health

Erica Perkins, Medical Fitness Coordinator, Church Health

Robin Wallace, Wellness Education Coordinator, Church Health

Janette Tovar, Medical Assistant, Church Health

Butch Odom, Director of Behavioral Health, Church Health

Stacey Ettinger, Referral Coordinator, Church Health

Vahisha Hasan, Executive Director, Movement In Faith

Eddie Foster, Director of Domestic Missions, Second Presbyterian Church

Devin Rohde, Church Health

Brian McCurry, Groups Pastor, Fellowship Memphis Church

Laura Lothrop, Staff Accountant, Church Health

Joseph Caldwell, President, Memphis Center for Urban Theological Studies

Andy Savage, Teaching Pastor, Highpoint Church

Matt Miller, Lead Pastor, Woodland Presbyterian Church

Norberto Chirinos, Pastor

Lisa Cox, Church Health

Stephen H. Cook, Senior Pastor, Second Baptist Church

Lillian Fox-Pendergrast, Diagnostic Referrals Intern, Church Health Center

Allison E. Jones, Social Work Supervisor, Church Health

Jeanette Renderos, Las Americas

Louis Gamble, Resident Physician, Baptist-Memphis

Mark Sturgis, Executive Director, Seeding Success

Cole Huffman, Senior Pastor, First Evangelical Church

Steve Winstead, Teaching & Missions Pastor, Harvest Church

Bailey Gilbert, Su Casa Family Ministries

Andrew Beach, Pastor of Memphis Ministries, First Evangelical Church

Ali Chambers, Lead Pastor, Mosaic Church Memphis

Bill Garner, Executive Pastor, Harvest Church

Kennon Vaughn, Lead Pastor, Harvest Church

Rodney Kenner, Director of Finance and Operations, Memphis Leadership Foundation

Robert C. Liddon, Retired Lawyer

Nina Lukow, Child Life Scholar, Church Health Center

Lauren Koontz, Teacher,  Kingsbury middle school

Randy Odom, President & CEO, Memphis Athletic Ministries

Jonathan Torres, Vice President & COO, Memphis Athletic Ministries

Betsy Killins, Women’s Global Coordinator, Downline Ministries

Greg Siskind, Founding Partner, Siskind Susser PC Immigration Lawyers

Lily Axelrod, Attorney, Siskind Susser PC Immigration Lawyers

PJ Moore, Director, World Relief Memphis,

Karen Spencer, Church & Community Engagement Manager, World Relief Memphis

Doug Landrum, Executive Director, Catalyst Missions

Stacy Spencer, Lead Pastor, New Direction Christian Church


Memphis immigration Project exists to inspire everyone, everywhere to love their Immigrant neighbor.

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