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By Rondell Treviño, Founder, Memphis immigration Project

There are more than 800,000 Dreamers in the United States, of which 8,000 plus live in Tennessee.

There are 6 days until DACA officially rescinds, but on Monday morning of this week, the Supreme Court declined at this time to hear the Trump administration’s challenge to a lower court’s ruling that, for now, allows young people with DACA to apply for renewal.

The Supreme Court has made the right decision by allowing this to play out in the lower courts, but the fate of Dreamers still hangs in the balance, so a bipartisan legislative solution that secures the border and protects Dreamers remains urgent.

In Memphis, there are hundreds of DACA Recipients maintaining a job, pursuing various degrees, and active Church members.

Below are statements from several DACA Recipients in Memphis urging Congress to pass a bipartisan solution:

I believe Congress should pass a solution for DACA, because America is my home and I want to contribute to this country and to the community that I live in. – Erick Ramos, MCUTS@LBC

I think that it would be inhumane to not pass a solution for us as Dreamers—America is all we know. The land of the free is what we know. We don’t bleed red, white, and blue but on the inside we just want the American Dream to feel equal. – Rebeca Gonzalez, MCUTS@LBC

Why should Congress pass a legislative solution for us DACA recipients? It will secure our jobs. And protect us from deportation. We’re Dreamers that have the potential to succeed. We’re talented young people that contribute to the economy. We would also like to have the ability to travel worldwide and be able to come back to our homeland. – Isabel Soto, MCUTS@LBC

I believe that the Congress should pass a legislative solution for DACA because the United States is all we know. Most of us don’t remember anything else other than America. All DACA recipients are doing their best to succeed. We all helped the economy by having jobs but we also create jobs by owning small businesses. – Carlos Bonilla, MCUTS@LBC

We must stand in unison in order to combat oppression in the most effect mannerism. – Miguel Garcia, Business Management, Christian Brothers University 2021

It is very important for Congress to pass a legislative law that could protect not only me but also the other DACA recipients affected by this. As a DACA recipient, this is important because being in the U.S is the only place I know and the only place that I can confidently say is home. It is also important because as a student of Christian Brothers University, I would like to finish school here and be able to graduate and go into the workforce with my fellow classmates. – Chantel Barcenas

Everything I work so hard for, everything I have built, and everything I have built will be worth nothing if a solution isn’t passed. – Karlita Yaneth

I need Congress to pass the Dream Act because the United States is my home. – Yuritza Sanchez, CBU freshman

Memphis immigration Project exists to engage issues of Immigration from a biblical perspective.

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