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The issue of who to let into the U.S. and who shouldn’t be allowed is an issue that has been debated since the early 19th century. As a country, we have admitted people from all over the world, but it hasn’t been an even and fair admission process.

Through our research, we have put together a timeline of U.S. Immigration laws from 1875-2017 seen in the infographic below. You will notice that the U.S. Immigration laws passed were complex and in many cases racist toward people of color and of different ethnic backgrounds.

Our U.S. Immigration laws have a complex and racist history that we believe everyone should know about in order to move forward today. Today, however, we are sadly repeating and building on the past due to the current travel bans and policies being put into place that are making it hard for Refugees and Migrants to seek asylum, legally. Feel free to download the infographic below and share it.

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