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Through the partnership between The immigration Project and Memphis Center for Urban Theological Studies (MCUTS) @Lancaster Bible College, we provide full-tuition college scholarships for 5 Immigrants with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) each semester in order to improve life skills, increase future outcomes in society, and deepen relationships with Christ.

  • 6 DACA Recipients currently attending MCUTS@Lancaster Bible College on full-tuition scholarship.
  • The Dreamer Scholarship is $11,745 a year, totaling of $46,980 over 4 years for each student.

Through the partnership between The immigration Project and Mid-South Christian College, we offer 5 (five) scholarships per year to Immigrants, documented and undocumented. The scholarships will be full tuition (not fees) for four years, as long as the student maintains satisfactory academic progress.

  • 1 undocumented Immigrant is currently attending Mid-South Christian College.
  • The Dreamer Scholarship amounts to $7,200 per year, or a total of $28,800 per student over four years.