Transforming lives along the Southern Border and in Latin-America with clean drinking water and food.

Our Mission

The immigration Coalition provides clean drinking water and food to Latino, Immigrant, and Migrant communities along the Southern Border and in Latin-America.

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The Problem

1) The U.S. - Mexico border, spanning 2,000 miles, is home to approximately 13 million Latinos, Immigrants, and Migrants living in Colonia communities who lack access to basic resources, one being clean and safe drinking water. Sadly, many even live without adequate plumbing (hot or cold running water, a shower/bath, or a flush toilet).

2) By 2060, the water demand along the U.S.-Mexico border will rise by 22%.

3) 60% of Latino, Immigrant, and Migrant residents in Texas Colonia communtites live around or below the poverty line and cannot afford to pay for clean water.

4) Census data indicates that across the U.S., the average income in predominantly Latino unincorporated areas is 40 percent lower than the average income in predominantly white unincorporated areas, making it harder for these communities to deal with water quality issues.

5) If the U.S. - Mexico border region were considered a state, the region would be comprised of the following characteristics: 1) rank last in access to health care; 2) second in death rates due to hepatitis; 3) third in deaths related to diabetes; 4) last in per capital income; 5) first in the number of school children living in poverty; and 6) first in the number of uninsured school children. Access to clean water would help turn these statistics around for the better.

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How We Provide Clean Water

Delivering Water Bottles

Providing Water Jugs

Implementing Water Filtration Tanks

Where We Provide Clean Water


Monte Alto, Texas

We fully fund the delivery of clean drinking water to 60+ Latino/Immigrant families (150+ people) in this Colonia community every two weeks. We also fully fund several events to provide food and clothing.

San Luis RC, Sonora Mexico

We fully fund the delivery of clean drinking water to 120+ Latino/Immigrant/Migrant families (400+ people) in two Colonia communities every two weeks.

Edinburg, Texas

We fully fund the delivery of food (clean water and toiletries when needed) to 400+ Latino/Immigrant/Migrant farmworker families (650+ total people) in this Colonia community twice a week.

Mission, Texas/Reynosa, Mexico

We fully fund the delivery of clean water, food, and toiletries to 150+ Immigrant/Migrant/Asylum-Seeking families (300 total people) in these Colonia communities.

Los Huatales, Ahuachapan, El Salvador

We fully fund the clean drinking water from a well we have equipped for 780 Salvadoran families (3,900 total people) every single day. **In the process of equipping the well**

Our Impact

Latino, Immigrant, & Migrant Families served
Total People Served
Gallons provided on average per Week
Total Gallons

Partner with Us

Sponsor a Family with clean water monthly For $4

Sponsor a family for 1 year with clean water For $48

Support future water projects for any amount $--

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