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The Immigration Coalition has helped me see how much God loves immigrants, including my own ancestors. Their work demonstrates daily how much God cares for all people no matter their background or status. And it is entirely grounded in scripture, not partisan politics”

Mark MadrigalNorth Carolina

TiC consistently reminds me of the scriptural mandate to value all people as made in God’s image and that I don’t have to agree on every policy suggestion to understand the vital importance of treating all people with dignity and respect.

Chad WoolfChrist community church, Fort Myers, FL

TiC has enriched me by drawing attention to God’s heart for all people, especially migrants. They are image bearers too in need of dignity and respect. TiP is a great resource for informing and challenging; it’s much needed!

Pastor Aaron Reyes,Hope Community Church, Austin, Texas

TiC has been instrumental in helping me learn more immigration including about the plight of Christians caught up in our immigration system. They have also provided information that is free from political bias that helps me to have more informed conversations with family and church members. They are giving me the tools to provoke loving and God honoring discussions that help others to see immigrants as people God loves.- Jenny Wood

“The Immigration Coalition is the first organization I have seen that has a primary focus of speaking biblical truth into the human issue of immigration in our country. Their message consistently challenges us to expand our view of “who is my neighbor,” and they provide us tangible ways to express love for our immigrant neighbors. I am so thankful for the work they are doing to lead God’s people towards seeking justice and loving mercy.”- Derek Ensign, Austin, Texas

“TiC has shown me that immigration is not primarily a political issue, but is a biblical theme that involves real people made in God’s image. TiP’s resources have motivated and equipped me to share the love of Christ with the immigrants in my community. As a result of TiP’s impact on my life, many of my best friends are now immigrants!”- Russell Mann

“TiC has been a breath of fresh air for me. Having returned to the U.S. after 25 yrs living overseas, I found a public conversation that both saddened and alarmed me about refugees and immigrants. TiC has provided a balanced and Biblical perspective on how we are to love our neighbor! I have felt that we are partners in correcting a false narrative of fear! Thank you!”- Jeff Holder, Nashville, Tennessee

“I greatly appreciate Rondell’s ability to demonstrate God’s compassionate heart for the immigrant. He aims to give the church a biblical framework for loving the foreigner—their neighbor—and courageously stand for life from the womb to the tomb. We live in complex days where matters of immigration have been politicized in ways that are devoid of both truth and love. For this reason, among many others, the voice of the Immigration Coalition is essential.”- Eric Rivera, Pastor, The Brook Chicago

“It’s been a long time coming to have a christian non-profit speak out for immigration and immigrants front a biblical perspective. I am so grateful for TiC and support them 100%. I am hopeful for the godly influence they are spreading to all my fellow christians as well as non-christians. May God continue to bless this ministry.”- Linda Sedillo, Midlothian, Texas

“I’ve always understood the Bible to say that we are to care for the immigrants among us, but I’ve never quite known how to do that in 21st century America. Through The Immigration Project, I’ve learned practical ways of caring for people who have come to this country to build a better life. I’ve also come to understand some of the difficulties they go through while dealing with government red tape. TiC has broadened my knowledge and my heart for immigrants.”- Nancy Lemke

“I have been very encouraged by Rondell Trevino and his ministry TIC, he is very unapologetic about the sensitive topic of Immigration. He uses his social media platform as a way to advocate for the afflicted, but does it with kindness and grace. It has helped me make more relationships especially in the low income neighborhood that we serve at, getting deeply involved in their relationships and it really helps that i share the same struggle as an immigrant, pray for them and also looking more into the laws of immigration.”- Felix Rivera, Gainesville, Georgia

“Through conversations, articles, podcasts and book suggestions, TiC has filled the gap for me between Scripture’s call to love the vulnerable and our duty to uphold the just laws of our nation. Rather than just providing facts and arguments, TiC has brought me face to face with real people impacted by the policies of our government and the perspectives of our neighbors.”- Cameron Ventura, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

“TiC has helped me in so many ways. The most important for me was to keep me reminded of seeing immigrants not a projects but as people that Jesus loves just like me. Seeing the pain and hurt around me has been stressful but without the resources from TiC I believe I wouldn’t have as much knowledge as I do now.”- Esaias Perry, Gainesville, Georgia

“I am so thankful for The immigration Coalition. When searching for resources on the topic of immigration I look for anything that reflects fidelity to the heart of God reveled in Christ. TiP is my top Biblically informed go-to source that helps enlighten what our response should be to the immigrants/immigration.”- Brian Christensen, Albany, Oregon

“The TiC continues you challenge me by reminding me to about a balanced and loving and God centered approach to complex immigration issues. I am also reminded to engage those who may disagree with me regarding immigration issues in a loving way. I also love that we’re are encouraged to think about pro life issues from cradle to grave including immigrants who are fleeing dangerous situations to save their own lives and lives of their children. Lastly the prayer points and reminders are so valuable sometimes I can’t physically help my immigrants neighbor but I can always pray TiC reminds how to pray for my immigrant brothers and sisters.” Deborah Morales, Bishop, California

“I am grateful for the balanced biblical approach TiC takes when addressing the difficult topic of immigration. TiC does a great job reminding me that we are talking about people made in God’s image and not hypothetical numbers or boogeymen or boogey-women that some try to portray in the media. I wish more followers of Christ took a holistic view of life and the gospel like TiC.”- Greg H., Orlando, Florida

“Rondell Treviño and the Immigration Coalition are a true gift to the church in the United States today. We need voices that transcend the political battle lines and talking points in our nation and are sourced deep in the Word of God. The Immigration Coalition advocates for a thoughtful, courageous, compassionate, and Biblical approach to the tricky complexities of global immigration today and I’m excited to see how God uses this crucial ministry in the years to come.”
– Daniel Holcomb, Director of Lahash International, Portland, Oregon

“TiC has been a tremendous resource for me to broaden my Biblical view of refugees and immigrants, which is helping me navigate the cultural dialogue that seems to go immediately to extremes. Also, Rondell has helped me to see the connection between loving the refugees and immigrants that God is bringing to our city, as well as the unborn, liberals, conservatives and those of other religious world views. So grateful for the encouragement to love our new neighbors!”- Ken Pitcher, Refuge Rochester, Rochester, New York